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Computer Forensics: Best Way To Uncover The Digital Evidence

Computer Forensics is all about collecting, analyzing, and reporting the digital information in such a way that is it legally admissible. Most of the time, this technique is used in the detection and prevention of crime and dispute where the evidence is stored digitally. Computer forensic offers comparable examination stages other forensic disciplines and faces similar issues.

The article discusses computer forensics from quite a neutral perspective. Now, do you know what is the current demand for computer forensic certification? Well, if you want to pursue your career in computer forensics, then you must become a forensic specialist who can solve computer crime successfully. Besides, always keep this in mind that the highest salaried forensic jobs will be from forensic colleges that offer four-year degree course in a specialized area.

IT forensic readiness tips

To conduct an investigation, you need to make sure that every user must have an individual user profile. And do not use generic accounts such as “Admin”. Next is that every user profile needs to be protected by a password that is not shared.

computer forensicsWhether you go for an entire workplace investigation or external penetration testing, make sure all network devices have sufficient logging/auditing is switched on.

Last but certainly not the least, make sure all devices connected to your network are using the correct time and date.

The Dos

Like I said before computer forensics is a pretty tricky job, so firstly you need to secure the entire device so that no unauthorized person has access to it.

Do not inform anyone other than necessary that your computer forensic investigation is underway.

From Cyber CSI to external penetration testing, always end up making notes of people involved, allegations, evidence, dates, times, etc. In addition to this, gather each and every item which you have legal access to that may contain some kind of evidence.

The Don'ts

Don't be tempered to have a look and operate the device at all.

Never delay, it's just that the sooner you response the better you have a chance of preserving evidence.