Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Last decade has seen many noteworthy changes in the advancement of technology. It has literally imbibed its roots in every workfield. But as we know that a coin has two sides. One positive and one gative. As the workplaces are getting more digitalized even the featherbrained criminals are becoming experts in hacking the computer systems. You think, how many cases have been recorded in ther lat few years invloving, cyber terrorism, cyber workplace crimes, sexual harasment of female employees and usage of social sites for harming teenagers. It is a viceral primal facade that is spreading in a vicious circle. The digital forensics has developed itself from retinal scanning to attacking cyber criminals by putting in the latest techniques and methods. If the crimes are getting heavier then the solutions are also are helping you at a fastiduos process. It looks like a thrilling science fiction story.
digital forensics

You have seen the hollywood crime investigation movies. How the CSI and FBI agents recover the smallest proof that the criminal has left with the help of Evidence Recovery process. They are using various softwares, techniques and methods to uncover the proof. There so many incredible technologies that the digital forensics people use to put the culprit behind bars. For best results and investigation the police along with the forensic team are selecting tools and equipments based on various components like budgetary limits and usable team of the analysts. To save yourself from getting into the cyber sickness mess. You have to follow a few simple rules at your office, college, or home premises.

  • Do not turn off your computer if your leaving your desk for a while.
  • Do not disconnect the networkf from the protected physical areas.
  • DO NOT I repeat, do not allow your IT staff to search your pc. They might be the masked culprits. Staff investigation would only generate chaos and would destroy the little-or few elemental evidence benefitting the culprit.
  • Without further ado call the digital forensics expert team and handle your computer to them. It is the best course of action to reveal the evil behind those professional attires.
XFT DEVICE- Digital scrutiny for Xbox.
Xbox? Oh yes ! Games are the ultimate secret revealers in the department of forensic science. Many people don ot consider this alternative for storing their data and this is why cyber experts get a green signal to harass you from innocent levels. It has recenlty been discovered in the forensic field that the x-box technique is being developed to allow the scientists to virtually access the files hidden in the hard drive of Xbox. This gaming software is also used during jurisdiction hearings by playing the accesed records.
Facial Reconstruction (3D Forensics)
For getting a flawless Evidence Recovery The usage of 3d facial reconstruction method is widely being used by the police and research department. Though the results are not so accurate but it has become an interesting tool for foresinc anthropologists, pathologists and scientists. It goes like this. The software of 3D face reconstruction takes elements from real- human life remains and brings out a perfect physical apperance.
A boon to the forensic scientists this Automated Fingerprint Identification method is used for a quick and succesive comparement of a fingerprint at the crime scene with an exclusive virtual database. It uses the magnetic fingerprinting dust and touch-me not wanding which makes the investigators get an exact impression of fingerprints and sending them to the forensic lab.
Almost all the digital systems make use of thee abstraction layers. As a result, the digital analysis tools are required to translate the errors recorded in them. However, there can be a fallacy recorded as no software is bound to be perfect. Each analysis gadget will have a tool implementation error based on its history. It develops a value of trust while decovering the layer.


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