Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Why To Hire Corporate Forensics For Your Company On A Regular Basis

Recovering deleted files or emails or the hidden evidences is not an easy task for anyone. You will find a lot of reasons why the forensic evidence are corrupted. At times, mails are intentionally corrupted due to hackers or sometimes accidentally due to the virus that has entered the system. Power surges too can destroy emails. Forensic email investigation is important evidence that can prove whether your emails are lost due to hackers or due to any kind of viral infection in the system. During situations where you have lost evidence, it is very necessary to contact a forensic investigator. Evidence recovery is possible with the help of a forensic investigator. He will also be able to find the other details of email that has been deleted. Moreover, he will also be able to find whether the email evidence lost its true form.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Evidence Recovery and Corporate Forensics Are Becoming Extremely Important In North American Corporate World

Frauds and crimes are very common things that you will find in almost all the sectors. It is easy to trace out the occurrence of crimes, but frauds are very hard to detect until and unless the outcome is noticed. Today frauds in the corporate sector are no more a new thing and they are increasing tremendously. Most of the corporate sector frauds are committed through the digital devices.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Why Is Computer Forensics a Great Career Choice Especially In today’s World?

Computer forensics is an application of the computer analysis and investigation techniques so as to determine the legal evidences. With the changing time, crime has increased too much. Crime cannot be stopped easily, but you can take remedial steps for getting the justice against the crime. Big crimes, like trade secret’s theft, computer misuse, computer crime, intellectual property’s destruction or theft and fraud, can be sought out easily with the help of the computer forensics.

Evidence Recovery

A computer forensic specialist can collect the data that is residing in the computer. He can also recover the deleted, damaged and encrypted file information. The collected data helps in tracing out the truth. In today’s world where the crime rate is towering new heights, computer forensics pops up as a great choice to trace out the criminal. If you are new to computer forensics, then you need to read this article where you will get to know about the benefits of computer forensics.
Police Investigations

In most of the states, there is a separate computer forensic division in the police departments. The computer forensic experts of this division employ their technical skill for analyzing the computer data & recovering the deleted files. This division plays a vital role in solving any criminal case in which computer was used. Some examples of computer criminals are breaching of the security protocols for accessing government information, accessing pornography or making online shopping with the credit-cards that were stolen. Some of the criminals also keep the narcotic supplies data and extortion rackets data on their computer. A computer forensic can help in tracing out all these criminal data with ease and with evidence.

Evidence Recovery & Extraction

Computer forensic experts retrieve the digital info for identifying the type of the performed crime, the crime time and the involved parties. An inexpert person does not have the idea that the computer data gets stored in encoded or scrambled form. He fails to delete the information stored in that form and gets trapped. The expert can identify digital contact source, like uploaded illegal software or materials or sent or received emails. Only a computer forensic expert, who has in-depth understanding of vivid software applications can do the job of evidence recovery and locate and interpret those data. The expert can easily retrieve the data even though they are deleted apparently from the hard drive.
Evidence Preservation
Digital information serves as an essential evidence for convicting criminals. The computer forensic experts are so knowledgeable that they know that how to retrieve the information without destroying and harming the data during the entire investigative process. They also make sure that the data does not get corrupted during the extraction procedure. Preserving the evidence quality is very crucial, because the justice depends on these evidences.

Vivid types of civil and corporate proceedings can use the evidences revealed by the computer forensic experts. Whether it is related to civil litigation’s or corporate forensics, a computer forensic expert is proficient enough in evidence recovery and preserving them to get the justice against the crime done.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Importance of Evidence Recovery & Corporate Forensics

The invention of computers have made life and work so easy. Individuals have definitely benefited with this massive invention, but businesses too have had many benefits and advantages. With the passage of time and technological advancements these days it has become very easy to detect any kind of forgery in mails or computer related data or documents or get the complete evidence recovery. It is for a fact that what has advantages, has disadvantages too. In the same way business too have faced several disadvantages owing to their complete dependence on technology. This dependence has in fact come down as a big problem as the cases of data theft, deletion of important files and folders, manipulation of documents and many more problems have been observed.

Monday, 23 June 2014

How Can Computer Forensics Canada Services Help You?

With the advent of computers other than individuals, businesses have had a lot of benefits. Anything and everything comes with a cost. If there are benefits, then there are flaws too; and these flaws can cost you badly. Companies both private and public sector these have been majorly dependent on the technology for most of their work. That is the reason cases of data theft, document manipulation, deletion of important files and folders have been observed on a major note. Computer forensics Canada serves as the best means to track down any false activities, malpractices or any other illegal activities that have been constantly going on in the company.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Recover Evidence Using Computer Forensics In Your Workplace For Frauds

Workplace frauds are increasing rapidly with time. You will see that most workplace frauds are being committed using digital devices, the tracking of which used to be a difficult affair till sometime back. Account hacking, money transfers, big rackets, and even some of the cyber crimes got away thanks to the lack of fraud tracking techniques available for the digital world. However, things seem to have changed now. With the intervention of computer forensics, a technology devised to look into cyber crimes and other workplace frauds, evidence recovery has become quite easy, and people committing those frauds are now unable to escape.

Computer Forensics

The Various Tasks

It is very important to understand the various tasks related to computer forensics. This will help you understand the field in a better way. This field collects the data that is necessary for evidence recovery or verification process. It analyzes all the necessary computer files. It performs email tracking and recovers the data. You will see that it detects and prevents intellectual property theft. It is also involved in investigation of illegal, inappropriate or threatening email communication, if any. It helps recover the lost or deleted data as well as detects sales and distribution of any sort of illegal products done using internet.

The Process of Evidence Recovery  

When dealing with computer forensics, there are a few necessary steps that take you towards evidence recovery. Investigation process for computer forensics is five staged. Each stage is important in its own way.

Identify: Preparation is always the best way to deal with any process. With this stage, you are preparing towards evidence recovery. You are identifying all the data sources that need to be looked into to check for frauds committed. You should also make sure that no data point has been overlooked in the process of evidence recovery. Possibly, this is why identification is an important stage.

Acquire: This is the next step that you need to follow. You need to acquire all the electronic devices that you feel have connection with the data you are looking for. This is to make sure that no device gets contaminated in the process. Using forensically sound tools and experience that is commendable the acquisition of the devices should be done.

Restore: This is the third step in the process. You should restore only that data which you feel is essential and relevant to you. Make sure you don’t go about restoring excess data. Many companies make the mistake of restoring data that may not be needed. But, that would just add up to your cost.

Search: Your next step involves filtering the data. This is so that you can review the data and find the ones that you feel are relevant to evidence recovery process.

Produce: You need to produce the evidence recovered in the process, and show it to your clients. There would be a wide range of formats in which you can recover the given evidence.

Evidence recovery also includes preservation of the evidence that you just recovered.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Computer Forensic Provides Great Help For Evidence Recovery

The world of computers and technology has indeed made our world a better and easier place to live in. But, what about the variety of issues it brings in along with it? Frauds have been prevalent in organizations since the good old times but, what about the cyber crime practices that are currently thwarting the way an organization can work? Today’s computer world faces both external and internal breaches which include virus threats, hacking threats, data breaching etc. There is a lot of illegal intrusion in the current times owing to the simplicity posed by digital world. 

Crimes need to be stopped and to prevent crime or to pin down criminals, evidence is very important. If you ever consider running frauds during the old times, you were sure to be caught through the books or when you went to the banks. The physical world was simple and gave lot of evidence. But, the digital world is complex and generating evidence is going to be difficult all the way. This is where computer forensics comes to play.

 Evidence Recovery  

What is Computer Forensics? 

This is a branch of digital forensic science aimed at gaining legal evidence from computers and other digital storage devices. This process involves identifying and examining the various digital media devices and ensuring proper reflection on them through preservation, recovery, analyzing and presentation procedures. This procedure is suitable to derive forensic evidence for both criminal and civil proceedings. Not only is this procedure currently used for data recovery but also for internal audit. This way the data remains protected and preserved while ensuring no fraud occurs. The security goes tight and in case of frauds the culprit is caught and dragged to the court using the digital forensics especially computer forensic.  

The Forensic Procedure 

While computer forensic investigations are on, there are numerous procedures and techniques that are followed to achieve the end results. 

Cross Drive Analysis: With this technique you can administer a correlation between multiple hard drives. This works well with social networks too where you have a whole load of information related to crimes hidden. 

Live Analysis: You can extract evidence from operations systems using either custom forensics or sysadmin tools. This will help when you need to deal with encrypting your file systems. 

Deleted Files: In many cases, the crime files or data are deleted so that no evidence is left. The computer forensics is able to grab the deleted files and recover them as evidence for the crime conducted.  

Why Computer Forensics is great? 

 If you are planning to go ahead with digital forensics and gather evidence Recovery for the fraudulent practices conducted then computer forensics is your best bet. While this not only checks on your computer it also seeks for signs of other devices being held with your computer. At the end of the day it not only recovers evidence but also recovers deleted files and files them as evidence. You will get the best possible evidences to mark the crime and criminal involved with digital and cyber crimes.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Workspace Investigations Are Extremely Important These Days.

Security is becoming a major issue at workplace in the present times. It is pretty scary the way your documents, your whole reports, your financial data and probably your finances are insecure. Yes, given the way electronically things are being transferred in the present times and the portable devices becoming smaller by the day, security is becoming a major concern. 

Computer Forensics Toronto

How will you know which employee conducted the fraud at your workplace? Sometimes, there is absolutely no live trace of the electronic data being transferred to the portable devices. Things become scarier when you wish to place a complaint against the fraudster but have no data proving it. This has led to the devise of workplace investigations. 

The principles, when applying workplace investigations, should be prompt and thorough. The promptness should be shown by the department investigating as soon as the complaint has been registered while the thoroughness should be seen in the way the things are investigated. Well, considering the world is becoming digital and with things like cloud and sky computing being introduced, leaving a trail of your digital frauds is next to impossible. New type of investigation will have to be devised to check on such insecurities. 

This is where digital forensics comes to rescue. It’s a relatively new term and pretty less used compared to the physical investigation but, it has its own benefits which you cannot deny. Firstly, with a physical investigation, you would ask the person to voice his frauds. But, the digital world does not give any proof through physical investigation. Without evidence, nailing a crime would be difficult. It is to solve these circumstances that digital forensics has been introduced.  

How it Works 

There are two phases to any workplace investigation Each phase has some important steps. The first phase begins with consultation between the client and his legal counsel. The second step would be protecting the data so that the employee’s movements would be restricted. 

Now the third and fourth step in the first phase would be collecting the IT data and evaluating the loss. The first phase would end with a detailed report on the losses and the data that was stolen through fraud. Now when the first phase ends, the second phase begins. In the second phase, the physical evaluation and investigation begins. The missing assets are recorded and insurance companies are contacted for investigation. The whole procedure is to recover the assets and minimize the loss faced by the company. 

In both cases digital forensics help gather enough evidence against the fraud and the fraudster and help in detailing the report in Workplace investigation Toronto. Once the report is in place, the company can decide on the punishment wherein the legal counsel would help the company at every point.  

The Procedures Involved The digital forensics conducted in workplace investigation Toronto includes computer forensic services, cyber CSI and E-discovery. These procedures can also be utilized in investigating the workplace. Apart from forensics, some counsels also help workout security plans.