Monday, 31 August 2015

Make A Strong Defence Against Cyber Threats- Use Network Securities


Today we are going to talk about network security and workplace investigations. Both terms would seem familiar if you an MNC employee or a computer lover. Companies involved in computer forensics, would provide avid network security to protect the parts and components of company's system. They will save her from rueful hackers and revengers. This is the era of techno-freaks. Hackers can invade your private networks from anywhere and anytime. You wont even know that your network security is being leaked and the information will be wiped off from your server. To avoid the aftermath of panic, the professional experts will provide strict network security in a flawless, transparent and integrated manner.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Workplace Forensics- Experts In Search Of the Culprit

Workplace Investigation-WHY?
Modern workplaces bear expert minds. They are either involved in productivity, or vandalism of intellectual property. It happens due to personal grudge or for the sake of entertainment. Every employee working in small or multinational firm faces the problem of Workplace Investigation, that helps in finding problems and eliminating them to a certain extent. Office harassment issues has a long list. Some of them include:

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Customize your Network Security For Zero Cyber Attacks n +
Threat to Computers

Computers are meant to secure information and not leak. In the modern-era, heinous cyber hackers and terrorists have turned this tool of information into a terror tool. There is a dire need for security assessment from professional experts. They will search for the protocol, host, user amenities and computer system with their network analyzers. The forensic experts also bear a team of password encryption experts, who test the network security system. They seek out the Evidence Recovery from mobiles and disk encryption. Tools for personal identifiable information are used for the Evidence Recovery process, through which the investigator will look for the secured files on shared networks and laptops without encryption.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Computer Forensics: A Red Light For The Cyber Criminals

Cutting Cyber Frauds

Computer forensics is not a new name for the ones who are handling computers as their regular buddy. It is the foremost technique to catch the masked culprit who has been a pain in the neck for the vulnerable victims. There are clear and consise computer and legal proceedings regarding the search and the trained and experienced forensic analysts aid the FBI in investigating the crime. Whether on physical or digital mode there are diverse protocols for attaining and preserving the Evidence Recovery and making the documentation of that Evidence Recovery until it is shown before the jurisdiction. It does not have a language-bar and the experts translate them in to the required transcript.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


How did this site upload my photo? How did my chat friend get my number? Where is my company data that I stored in my folder? Just how many times have you asked such questions or heard it from others. These incidents show a horrible fact that no-one is safe on-line. Either workplace, or at your home, you are constantly invigilated by a cyber hacker. So many cases are filed under the cyber terrorism aspect showing the sexual harassment of female employees. Teenage girls being harassed at social networking sites is a universal problem. These on-line predators are the ones who know your every detail- probably your closed ones. We are not putting blames but, just shading lights on the facts.

Computer Forensics Canada

Monday, 3 August 2015



Offices are meant to work and build your career. However, since the last decade, it has become a place for employee harassment, sexual threats, and cheating. Small, big and multi national corporals face these evil which leads to their loss of reputation. If frequent cases of employee harassment or bullying are recorded in the same company, their license gets canceled and the owner may have to suffer a strong jail sentence. But it's not entirely their fault. The technical advancements have led to the birth of cyber hackers and cyberbullies who exploit the employees at work place. This evil is attempted to take revenge or to harass the owner of the company. These masked criminals take away the crucial and secret information of the company and reveal it to the rivals. Such type of frauds and cheating cases are handled by the workplace investigation Canada with their expert technology and surveillance, find the culprit and save the company's reputation.
Evidence Recovery