Friday, 11 December 2015

Workplace Investigation is the Need

Evidence recovery is an important term in the game of investigation. Without a proper investigation, no conclusion can be put and conclusions can only be drawn when proper evidences are available. So, for that need investigation is carried out by various means, such as digital evidence recovery, forensic evidence recovery and even many more. In digital evidence recovery, digital means are used for finding true and valid evidences for the cases. So, that a firm result can be gotten from the investigation. But, mostly investigations require lots of time and foremost skilled people. 

Evidence Recovery Toronto

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Workplace investigation Toronto for improving productivity

In today’s complex environment, it is important that a manager or HR professional conducts workplace investigation Toronto. Investigations can be fact-finding missions. Whether it is a matter of suspicion of employees or dealing with theft of the intellectual property, proper actions should be taken. You can hire investigators for uncovering the information and evidence recovery. Once the information is available, the investigator can either discipline the employee or take some action and close the investigation.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Make A Strong Defence Against Cyber Threats- Use Network Securities


Today we are going to talk about network security and workplace investigations. Both terms would seem familiar if you an MNC employee or a computer lover. Companies involved in computer forensics, would provide avid network security to protect the parts and components of company's system. They will save her from rueful hackers and revengers. This is the era of techno-freaks. Hackers can invade your private networks from anywhere and anytime. You wont even know that your network security is being leaked and the information will be wiped off from your server. To avoid the aftermath of panic, the professional experts will provide strict network security in a flawless, transparent and integrated manner.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Workplace Forensics- Experts In Search Of the Culprit

Workplace Investigation-WHY?
Modern workplaces bear expert minds. They are either involved in productivity, or vandalism of intellectual property. It happens due to personal grudge or for the sake of entertainment. Every employee working in small or multinational firm faces the problem of Workplace Investigation, that helps in finding problems and eliminating them to a certain extent. Office harassment issues has a long list. Some of them include:

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Customize your Network Security For Zero Cyber Attacks n +
Threat to Computers

Computers are meant to secure information and not leak. In the modern-era, heinous cyber hackers and terrorists have turned this tool of information into a terror tool. There is a dire need for security assessment from professional experts. They will search for the protocol, host, user amenities and computer system with their network analyzers. The forensic experts also bear a team of password encryption experts, who test the network security system. They seek out the Evidence Recovery from mobiles and disk encryption. Tools for personal identifiable information are used for the Evidence Recovery process, through which the investigator will look for the secured files on shared networks and laptops without encryption.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Computer Forensics: A Red Light For The Cyber Criminals

Cutting Cyber Frauds

Computer forensics is not a new name for the ones who are handling computers as their regular buddy. It is the foremost technique to catch the masked culprit who has been a pain in the neck for the vulnerable victims. There are clear and consise computer and legal proceedings regarding the search and the trained and experienced forensic analysts aid the FBI in investigating the crime. Whether on physical or digital mode there are diverse protocols for attaining and preserving the Evidence Recovery and making the documentation of that Evidence Recovery until it is shown before the jurisdiction. It does not have a language-bar and the experts translate them in to the required transcript.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


How did this site upload my photo? How did my chat friend get my number? Where is my company data that I stored in my folder? Just how many times have you asked such questions or heard it from others. These incidents show a horrible fact that no-one is safe on-line. Either workplace, or at your home, you are constantly invigilated by a cyber hacker. So many cases are filed under the cyber terrorism aspect showing the sexual harassment of female employees. Teenage girls being harassed at social networking sites is a universal problem. These on-line predators are the ones who know your every detail- probably your closed ones. We are not putting blames but, just shading lights on the facts.

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Monday, 3 August 2015



Offices are meant to work and build your career. However, since the last decade, it has become a place for employee harassment, sexual threats, and cheating. Small, big and multi national corporals face these evil which leads to their loss of reputation. If frequent cases of employee harassment or bullying are recorded in the same company, their license gets canceled and the owner may have to suffer a strong jail sentence. But it's not entirely their fault. The technical advancements have led to the birth of cyber hackers and cyberbullies who exploit the employees at work place. This evil is attempted to take revenge or to harass the owner of the company. These masked criminals take away the crucial and secret information of the company and reveal it to the rivals. Such type of frauds and cheating cases are handled by the workplace investigation Canada with their expert technology and surveillance, find the culprit and save the company's reputation.
Evidence Recovery

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Last decade has seen many noteworthy changes in the advancement of technology. It has literally imbibed its roots in every workfield. But as we know that a coin has two sides. One positive and one gative. As the workplaces are getting more digitalized even the featherbrained criminals are becoming experts in hacking the computer systems. You think, how many cases have been recorded in ther lat few years invloving, cyber terrorism, cyber workplace crimes, sexual harasment of female employees and usage of social sites for harming teenagers. It is a viceral primal facade that is spreading in a vicious circle. The digital forensics has developed itself from retinal scanning to attacking cyber criminals by putting in the latest techniques and methods. If the crimes are getting heavier then the solutions are also are helping you at a fastiduos process. It looks like a thrilling science fiction story.
digital forensics

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Since the advent of technology has taken a leap into the air, the activity of Cyber crimes and Cyber terrorism has also deflated the computer technology. Now and then there is a flash of articles describing the frauds caused by the Cyber criminals, or the hackers trying to invade an innocent individual's privacy. These cases have really annoyed the FBI and the police department all over the world. It seems that we are just bearing the results of innovations in the technical field. However, the things are not as bad as they look. The concept of computer forensics has been developed by the experts to avoid the Cyber harassment, and it has proven quintessentially useful in counterattacking the sexual predators, hackers, murderers and even terrorists. It is a technical boon.
The use of computer forensics has become inevitable in punishing and finding some of the well-known criminals in the society. The terrorist organizations make the use of the Internet to include the members in their group and the heinous sexual predators use the social networking sites to stalk teenagers and vulnerable individuals seeking for Internet pleasure. How often we have heard about the cases of young girls and boys being trapped in this Cyber web? Almost on daily basis! These people make fake profiles and sometimes take the individual to their illegal groups in far-off countries. It is really an unimaginable thing what these technical tyrants can do with one click.
The computer forensic scientists have made a technology for protecting the mobile device from connecting to a network of cellular carrier. These people no longer turn off the device to cut off from the network. For example, the radio frequency protected test enclosure boxes, prevent the signals from entering or leaving the gadget. They also make use of the Faraday bag used in joining with conduction mesh. This helps in deserting the device. Through such innovation the investigators can transport the cellular device to the lab even when it is switched on.
 evidence recovery
The expert professionals identify the evidence recovery from the computer files and the encrypted data. They request the evidence computer log on, name and password, or sometimes the personal identification number. They also request an evidence email, email log on, name, password and pin. The evidence computer encryption codes, passwords and software for the program files are also requested if they are applicable to the evidence recovery process.
While one can be an expert in doing heinous crimes, he would still be a normal human being and not a robot. The well-known criminals of the world got caught because of their silly mistakes. These people failed to cover their tracks while using the Cyber space for their activities. They seemed to lack a simple knowledge about the deletion of files and how they still remain saved on the hard drives. These mistakes helped the investigators to track the evidence recovery and catch the fiends.
It is a fact that even when the criminals delete their files, the data remains in the binary format by data remembrance or the residual representation of the data. If we delete the file it just gets removed from the user but the original file still exists.
We are well aware with the traditional forensic science, but now this is the advent of digital forensics, which is a big challenge for the evildoers. The information in the computer can be transformed without leaving a sign. The data to be configured is huge and diverse data types are also enormous. Just like the traditional data investigator, the digital expert must be able to track and combine any data that is found in the device simply anywhere on the planet.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Do You Need A Workplace Investigation And Evidence Recovery?

Let us talk about the concept of workplace investigation and the use of computer forensics. It is important to conduct a workplace investigation where there are frequent cases of bullying, discrimination, or harassment. Nowadays the act of cyber-bullying also has been irritating the employees and something needs to be done about it.


To have a healthy working environment you need to have strong and strict HR policies. It  would avoid the conflict arising between the employees. Such policies should include terms like discrimination, harassment, grievance handling, termination policy and occupational and safety policies.

If the workplace investigation is to be conducted, then make sure that the complaint has been lodged in writing and minute details about the incident are covered. The interim process should be available and witnesses and their statements should be recorded. You need to keep records and notes of everything that happens. It provides a vivid testimony in the process of investigation. The witnesses should be made to read and sign the notes, to make them more accurate and honest. One has to be very specific in interviewing the witnesses and ask them all the necessary facts. After this process the workplace can perform a decisive action and analyze the outcome.


Computer Digital Forensics is popularly known as the forensic science. The legal evidences that are found in the computer and digital storage devices are dealt by computer forensics. The main motto of computer forensic analysis is to examine and verify the digital equipment. It involves the process of identification, preservation of data files, recovery, analysis and presenting the acquired information through the forensic analysis team.

Generally the computer forensics investigation flows in a standardized manner from analysis, acquiring and reporting from the searched images. A strategic data is formed from the techniques like cross drive analysis, live analysis and deleted files. Previously, this department had to work solely on the basis of live statistics as there was a scarcity of specialized tools.

•    The cross drive analysis technique is used to relate the information kept in various hard drives. This method is used for recognizing social network and analogy detection.

•    The live analysis method involves an intense study of the computers with the help of customized forensics. It helps in encrypting the files stored in the system.

•    The deleted files, is the most common technique used in the analysis of the computer by the forensic team. It recovers the files that are deleted.


Workplace investigation does not come with invitations. There will be times when you will face conflicting stories and seizure documents which provide different interpretations. No clear answers would be provided, and you will be confused about your next step of action. At this stage, you have to decide which problems can worry the workplace more, whom to interview and what are the documents to be reviewed. After this process, you would get a clear picture of what really happened.

The evidence recovery Toronto has a wide network of identifying, safeguarding assessing and obtaining the forms from floppies, storage discs, flash drives even mp3 and mp4 players. Their pliability and their power to extract information from such devices make them an expert in forensic methods. There would be crimes like child pornography, frauds, cyber bullying and even murders, but evidence recovery Toronto with their digital gadgets and qualified professionals will uncover the enemy and send him behind bars.


A qualified and an expert investigator  is impartial in finding the evidences. He does not take sides of the employees who are involved in the matter, and is efficient in testifying about the investigation process.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Importance of computer forensics and workplace investigation Toronto

In today’s world, it is important that the HR managers or supervisors conduct workplace investigation Toronto. If you suspect any wrong-doing, you should seek professional help for workplace investigation Toronto and find out the facts. The management should get involved and hire experts for workplace investigation.

How to hire professional agency for workplace investigation Toronto?
There are many companies offering workplace investigation services. You can conduct some research online and hire the best company that matches your requirements. Most of the service providers offer in-house investigation at your workplace. You can search for reliable companies online or in local directories.

Before hiring the professionals, discuss the purpose of investigation and be honest so that they can help you get the best results. Always look for certified and qualified professionals for workplace investigation Toronto.

Computer forensics for exploring the hidden evidences
Computer forensics is a science that makes use of the latest knowledge and technology with computer sciences to collect, analyze and present the proofs to the courts. It is a process which deals in finding evidence and recovering data. This can help you gather the correct information and identify the culprits who committed computer crimes. The evidences may include a wide variety of formats such as finger prints, computer files, data, etc.

What does computer forensics include?

Computer forensics can also be used to track the emails, instant messaging and other forms of communication. It can also track real-time information and solve many crimes and thefts. Computer forensics is a field that grows by leaps and bounds. You can hire expert professionals and get your case solved within the minimum possible time.

The company you hire for computer forensics should be aware of the laws and company policies. It is important to choose a reliable company for computer forensics as the professionals would be handling important and confidential company information. Experienced and reputed investigators make use of the latest and most advanced tools for evidence recovery. They have good knowledge of software and techniques to recover the deleted or hidden data. The damaged files can also be recovered by expert computer forensics professionals. The company you hire should be capable of recovering the lost data. They can help you recover the data and help you solve the case.

Once the professionals solve the case, you can hire network administrators and security staff administrators who have complete knowledge of computer forensics.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Why is it important to hire company for evidence recovery?

In today’s complex employment industry, it is important that the managers, HR personnel or supervisors conduct workplace investigation. Fact-measuring workplace investigations are a must when you want to get the correct information about wrong acts. Evidence recovery can also help the managers take better decisions.

Incorporate discipline among employees

Workplace investigation provides you with the right information about the discipline of the employees or confidential information. As investigations come in all the shapes and sizes, you should choose the best professionals for evidence recovery. Expert investigators conduct a thorough research and provide the required evidence. Whether you need help with thefts or cheating by the staff members, employing expert companies for workplace investigation can be the best option. Formal investigation at the office helps you prevent violence, get information about illegal activities, avoid injuries and keep the employees safe from the discrimination or harassment.

Provide a safe and secure environment to employees

It is the duty of the business owners to provide a safe working environment to the employees. When some person is being harmed, it should be investigated and proper actions need to be taken to help the employee. The same is applicable to the company’s documents and belongings. If an employee harms the intellectual property of the organization, severe steps should be taken to avoid that.

Employers should investigate the suspected problems and hire experts for evidence recovery. The higher management should come forward and look into the matter for workplace investigation to offer a safe workplace as reasonably possible. Investigations in office can be done formally or informally. It is the responsibility of employers to ensure that employees follow the company policies.

Information for accident investigation

If you want to get the information about accident investigation at workplace, hiring an agency for evidence recovery can be beneficial. The expert workplace investigators will provide you a detailed report, which will help you implement proper corrective actions. Business owners would need to do everything within their power to correct the deficiencies and accident investigations.

One should understand that punishment is not the only appropriate solution for maintaining discipline. There are several other ways of teaching discipline to the staff members. Serious coaching and other measures can also be considered to incorporate discipline among the employees. So, if you want to enhance the safety and security of your workplace, ensure that you hire the best company for workplace investigation.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Convenient Workplace Investigation with the Help of Evidence Recovery Toronto

With the growing reach of computers, computer crimes have also spiked. Besides ethical hacking, there are also those with criminal intent. It is because of this that the field of computer forensics is fast gaining momentum and importance. Even if a firm doesn’t have a forensics team, it is vital to be acquainted with know-how’s of the process so as to aid in the process in times of need.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How to improve workplace efficiency using a detective technique!

With the ever changing landscape in the world regarding employee ethics, the ever changing number of people in a company and the highly sophisticated manner in which people conduct themselves in the public; it becomes difficult at times to determine how and when a problem has occurred in the workplace. Tackling these problems is a major headache for the HR managers of today because people are not ready to admit that there is a problem.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Role Of Computer Forensics In Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigation is not a new term. With the advancement in technology and surge in the number of users, the scope of workplace investigations has only increased. The basic workplace conflicts remain the same – from spat between bosses and subordinates to an employee having cheated the firm by providing false prior employment data. Today, these investigations are conducted more because of inappropriate usage of technology.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Investigation – Should be Must & Should

Nowadays, numerous disagreements and disputes take place in the workplace quite frequently. Eventually every employer faces an utmost need to investigate its employees at some point of time or the other. This is an important aspect of disciplinary process in the workplace. Employers have now recognized workplace investigation as a crucial tool in identifying the problems, understanding those and hence avoiding their reoccurrence.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Carry Out Workplace Investigation by Hiring Evidence Recovery Toronto

These days, there are numerous disputes taking place in the workplace and it is part and parcel of disciplinary process. If you suspect bad behavior of an employee then you can consider the facts before taking action on them. This kind of activity will permit the workplace to follow formal disciplinary process. From the past few years time, breach of email as well as internet policies are considered as gross misconduct among office-based workers. Being a business owner, if you cannot able to monitor the communication systems of the employees then you can seek the services of professional investigators to carry out data checking process on employee’s mails, telephone calls, internet usage and many more. Workplace Investigation is mandatory to ensure smooth function of the company as well as employers.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Computer Forensics Expert-Professionals for Evidence Recovery

The computer forensics experts are professionals that are responsible for evidence recovery and researching about the evidences. These professional experts are tooled with investigating computers and various other electronic storage devices that store the confidential information of the cases such as mobile phones.etc. There electronic gadgets and tools are used to uncover the evidences that are useful to either a defendant or a plaintiff’s case. The cases involving matters such as divorce, intellectual property, computer hacking or wrongful termination, or any other of the kind require the expertise of a professional computer forensic witness.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Why hire the best company for computer forensics Toronto?

Mike had been associated with the organization since the last 7 years and one fine morning, the company declared bankruptcy and hundreds of employees were left unemployed. The higher authorities make a decision to employ only a few selected staff members and asked the others to leave. Mike contacted computer forensics Toronto and other employees agreed too.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Why do you need to hire computer forensics Toronto service provider?

With the increasing number of computers, computer forensics Toronto is becoming popular. Such services can help the police officials extract and preserve the important information. There are several computer forensics Toronto experts who have specialized equipment to offer reliable services at affordable costs. The companies that suspect computer misuse should look for workplace investigation Toronto.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

How Evidence Recovery Service Helpful to Big Corporate

In any criminal investigation, evidence recovery plays an important role to solve the case. History has proven records about how evidence recovery and forensic science has helped police, investigators and criminal lawyers to solve the most complicated robbery, murder or kidnapped cases.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

How to Choose an Expert Computer Forensic Firm?

Only an expert can help you in evidence recovery in the most efficient manner. There’re only a few investigation firms that truly serve what they claim. With so many options to choose from, it’s really difficult to find expert private investigators that are proficient enough in dealing with all kinds of situations related to evidence recovery.

Evidence Recovery

Listed below are some important guidelines that will help you in finding a qualified investigation firm.

Fees and Agreements: Reputable and experienced firms provide contracts and proposals before accepting the cases. If the one you are considering to hire does not provide these documents you must request a projected estimate of the budget. However, before making a payment it is wise to ask the firm for the references.

Experience: This is one of the most important points that you need to consider when hiring an evidence recovery expert. You need to ensure that the firm to whom you have assigned your case has enough qualifications and experience needed to conduct the investigation in the most efficient manner. As a matter of fact, you need to know that not every investigation firm specializes in the niche. Make sure that the firm you choose is familiar with the union environments, civil torts as well as employment of the law-related investigations. Moreover, the firm and its employees must be proficient enough to navigate the areas that present a legal minefield.

Insurance: All reputable computer forensics Toronto carries a liability insurance. So do not forget to ask for the Insurance Certificate in order to ensure that the coverage isn’t "claims-made."

Proof of the License: The computer forensics experts are required to have a license for their investigative services. A license is a proof of their expertise in the niche. Thus, you must request a copy of their permit or license. It’s important to perform your diligence in order to ensure that there arises no situation that may lead to diligence.

Reputation and References: This is another important factor that you need to consider in order to ensure that the forensic expert you are hiring can be relied upon completely. It’s not all the firms that carry good reputation in the industry. Only quality investigation firms are active in offering highly professional services. It is for this they hold a renowned position in the industry. So make sure that take some references and carry a thorough check before making any final deal. You may also ask about their claims and litigation experience and history.

Reports: Make sure that the firm you hire has a clause to submit all the reports of the investigation. Usually, the report is submitted before clearing the invoice. Also, make sure that the information provided in the report is accurate and concise and accurate. Do not hesitate to ask for the statement samples or report.

In addition to the above, you need to ensure that the investigation firm you hire possess a full-scale computer forensics lab encompassing updated software and latest equipments and technology.