Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Workspace Investigations Are Extremely Important These Days.

Security is becoming a major issue at workplace in the present times. It is pretty scary the way your documents, your whole reports, your financial data and probably your finances are insecure. Yes, given the way electronically things are being transferred in the present times and the portable devices becoming smaller by the day, security is becoming a major concern. 

Computer Forensics Toronto

How will you know which employee conducted the fraud at your workplace? Sometimes, there is absolutely no live trace of the electronic data being transferred to the portable devices. Things become scarier when you wish to place a complaint against the fraudster but have no data proving it. This has led to the devise of workplace investigations. 

The principles, when applying workplace investigations, should be prompt and thorough. The promptness should be shown by the department investigating as soon as the complaint has been registered while the thoroughness should be seen in the way the things are investigated. Well, considering the world is becoming digital and with things like cloud and sky computing being introduced, leaving a trail of your digital frauds is next to impossible. New type of investigation will have to be devised to check on such insecurities. 

This is where digital forensics comes to rescue. It’s a relatively new term and pretty less used compared to the physical investigation but, it has its own benefits which you cannot deny. Firstly, with a physical investigation, you would ask the person to voice his frauds. But, the digital world does not give any proof through physical investigation. Without evidence, nailing a crime would be difficult. It is to solve these circumstances that digital forensics has been introduced.  

How it Works 

There are two phases to any workplace investigation Each phase has some important steps. The first phase begins with consultation between the client and his legal counsel. The second step would be protecting the data so that the employee’s movements would be restricted. 

Now the third and fourth step in the first phase would be collecting the IT data and evaluating the loss. The first phase would end with a detailed report on the losses and the data that was stolen through fraud. Now when the first phase ends, the second phase begins. In the second phase, the physical evaluation and investigation begins. The missing assets are recorded and insurance companies are contacted for investigation. The whole procedure is to recover the assets and minimize the loss faced by the company. 

In both cases digital forensics help gather enough evidence against the fraud and the fraudster and help in detailing the report in Workplace investigation Toronto. Once the report is in place, the company can decide on the punishment wherein the legal counsel would help the company at every point.  

The Procedures Involved The digital forensics conducted in workplace investigation Toronto includes computer forensic services, cyber CSI and E-discovery. These procedures can also be utilized in investigating the workplace. Apart from forensics, some counsels also help workout security plans.


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