Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How to improve workplace efficiency using a detective technique!

With the ever changing landscape in the world regarding employee ethics, the ever changing number of people in a company and the highly sophisticated manner in which people conduct themselves in the public; it becomes difficult at times to determine how and when a problem has occurred in the workplace. Tackling these problems is a major headache for the HR managers of today because people are not ready to admit that there is a problem.

In such a scenario it becomes important for the employer to use methods which work in a professional yet discreet manner to find the root cause of problems. This is known as workplace investigation. No employer in the world would like to do this. But, maintaining efficiency is necessary in today’s world and this method gets accurate results. Workplace investigation needs evidence recovery as this helps the HR manager conduct them in a better manner.

The employer must ask himself in which cases the investigation is necessary and act on it. Usually, following cases are known to be followed up with an investigation.
Drug abuse: A company with healthy employees is a company which attains greatness. Thus, if people are hooked up on pills and weed and high level drugs, a company will fail. This case needs immediate attention.
Harassment complaints: In any workplace, if the respect for genders and gender equality isn’t maintained disharmony will occur. Thus, it is important to handle these cases with care. It would be advisable to have some evidence recovery before investigations occur here.
Theft: If any employee is stealing from the company, he or she isn’t any employee loyal to company. Such behavior should not be accepted. An immediate inquiry should be filled in and the people responsible must be punished. This is because this kind of behavior must be discouraged and be dealt with in a manner which doesn’t harm the company’s reputation.
Another very important thing to consider while conducting a workplace investigation is the law. Many companies worldwide have lost lawsuits to employees who claimed that their privacy was breached by the company and they were impaired mentally or physically because of that. Here the fault may lie entirely on the employee but since protocols and norms weren’t followed, the company gets a thrashing. This is very bad for publicity as it shows a negative image and the company comes across as a controlling entity which monitors everything. It would be safer for the company and the HR manager if the evidence recovery was done in a legal manner with consent and approval.

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