Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Is your co-worker hiding something from you? Time for some action!

Time for some action! Nobody can follow the rules entirely, somewhere we all enjoy breaking them. Either by taking home the office supplies or using the office landlines for personal talks, by including sarcasm in the communication, etc. But do you know when you have crossed the line, its when you try to attack your co-worker brutally with your harmful actions such as hacking, fraud identity, theft and numerous other cyber crime.

Workplace Investigation

Here the quote “ your actions speak louder than words” perfectly fits, isn't it? Well, thank god we are well-equipped with such technology and innovations that you can rat out your co-worker anytime and anywhere. Yes, with the help of Computer forensics you can reveal all the stored passwords, deleted data and what not!

Now once you find something fishy, it is always better to speak to your co-worker first, although he will never admit. Perhaps you won't regret it later, you did not give him any chance. After that its time to report your manager as well as hire a professional who excels in conducting an appropriate Workplace Investigation.     

We all know that the best part of any illegal activities is that it always leaves a trail behind similarly even digital activities to leave an electronic trail behind. You professional has to look around for such proof's, data, information from various devices and analyses and create an unbiased report.  Other than this chances are even there when your co-workers will start taking much riskier actions in order to save himself. During those times, you need to start involving third parties other co-workers, etc.

Processes like Workplace Investigation last for long, so be prepared for the consequences. Do not think about stepping behind even when your staff members think that you are pushing it too far. And in anyway if you win the case they probably won't praise you.     


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