Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Screening investigations: A few tips to look at

Day by day cyber crime is becoming one of the major concerns, as people are exploring more and more technology, the fear of its misuse is even getting larger.  And not only individuals several Businesses could be affected by these high tech crimes. The scope of cyber crime is getting enormous starting from identity theft to fraud, blackmail, bribery, counterfeiting, corporate espionage, porn downloading, pirated software, hacking, be it accounts of other businesses and what not!

Evidence Recovery

What are different options to opt for in case of such crime or violation?
First, you can seek around for some kind of assistance from law enforcement. I mean you can come across several trained investigators who are ready in order to assist you especially in terms of business.

Second, there are several forensic professionals around, hire one for conducting the best workplace investigation in Toronto or you can hire an in-house team who simply aims to obtain an adequate amount of information and action that needs to be taken against the culprit.

Now here I would like to mention a few tips to take into account while proceeding computer forensics. 

Tip-1 As we all know that crime scene should not be tempted, similarly a computer has to be treated as a crime scene where all activities and information needs to be logged and summarized.

Tip -2 While doing workplace investigation in Toronto, always Keep the crime weapon, I mean the machine isolated from the network.

Tip-3 It is always advisable for the investigators to not to work with original hard disk or media files. Make sure that your examiners make copies, as in forensic sound ones, clones or bit stream images while doing Evidence Recovery.

Tip-4 Being in a fixed frame of mind is never recommended. After all, one should know that no two investigations are alike. So your investigating officer should be capable of narrowing the scope of investigation in the correct manner.   


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