Friday, 29 May 2015

Convenient Workplace Investigation with the Help of Evidence Recovery Toronto

With the growing reach of computers, computer crimes have also spiked. Besides ethical hacking, there are also those with criminal intent. It is because of this that the field of computer forensics is fast gaining momentum and importance. Even if a firm doesn’t have a forensics team, it is vital to be acquainted with know-how’s of the process so as to aid in the process in times of need.

Why the need for computer forensics?

Firms need to understand that a single breach of computer security can result in loss of valuable data and make the system more vulnerable to external attacks. It is especially pertinent for firms that deal with sensitive data like credit card information, medical records, or even personal data like SSN. So, it becomes absolutely essential to have an in-house computer forensics team that can deal with such scenarios or even prevent them from occurring.

What is computer forensics?

The process of collection, compilation, analysis, and presentation of computer evidences is called computer forensics. There are various methodologies involved in the process:
  1. Forensic Analysis: Forensic analysis comprises of tracking the root cause of the issue and to ascertain the damage level caused. The evidence recovery Toronto team monitors the computer logs, hard drives, user actions, etc and compiles the audit logs. While doing so, they need to ensure that data integrity is maintained. If need be, physical interviews with the people involved are also conducted.
  2. Incident response: This is the process involving taking action once a breach has happened. It is for this purpose that a firm needs to have a computer forensics team ready. The evidences need to be intact as soon as a crime has been reported. In fact, the evidence recovery Toronto team needs to be on its toes to prevent any crimes from occurring. Hence, the enterprise needs to have a robust forensics tool handy. In today’s digital age, every firm needs to have a proper incident management team ready.
  3. Discovery: During this process, the essential information is properly documented and the witness’ verdict recorded. Since this is about maintaining data, it is essential that the evidence recovery Toronto team is adept at using technology like hard disks and other storage devices.
Challenges in the forensics process

While there are several benefits of this methodology, there are several challenges that accompany the benefits. Firstly, the computer forensics or the evidence recovery Toronto team needs to be abreast of the latest development in the computer forensics process. Then there is the requisite knowledge for storing data – with myriad options available today, an efficient data and evidence storage is a crucial part of the process and a process that firms need to hire experts for.


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