Thursday, 2 July 2015

Do You Need A Workplace Investigation And Evidence Recovery?

Let us talk about the concept of workplace investigation and the use of computer forensics. It is important to conduct a workplace investigation where there are frequent cases of bullying, discrimination, or harassment. Nowadays the act of cyber-bullying also has been irritating the employees and something needs to be done about it.


To have a healthy working environment you need to have strong and strict HR policies. It  would avoid the conflict arising between the employees. Such policies should include terms like discrimination, harassment, grievance handling, termination policy and occupational and safety policies.

If the workplace investigation is to be conducted, then make sure that the complaint has been lodged in writing and minute details about the incident are covered. The interim process should be available and witnesses and their statements should be recorded. You need to keep records and notes of everything that happens. It provides a vivid testimony in the process of investigation. The witnesses should be made to read and sign the notes, to make them more accurate and honest. One has to be very specific in interviewing the witnesses and ask them all the necessary facts. After this process the workplace can perform a decisive action and analyze the outcome.


Computer Digital Forensics is popularly known as the forensic science. The legal evidences that are found in the computer and digital storage devices are dealt by computer forensics. The main motto of computer forensic analysis is to examine and verify the digital equipment. It involves the process of identification, preservation of data files, recovery, analysis and presenting the acquired information through the forensic analysis team.

Generally the computer forensics investigation flows in a standardized manner from analysis, acquiring and reporting from the searched images. A strategic data is formed from the techniques like cross drive analysis, live analysis and deleted files. Previously, this department had to work solely on the basis of live statistics as there was a scarcity of specialized tools.

•    The cross drive analysis technique is used to relate the information kept in various hard drives. This method is used for recognizing social network and analogy detection.

•    The live analysis method involves an intense study of the computers with the help of customized forensics. It helps in encrypting the files stored in the system.

•    The deleted files, is the most common technique used in the analysis of the computer by the forensic team. It recovers the files that are deleted.


Workplace investigation does not come with invitations. There will be times when you will face conflicting stories and seizure documents which provide different interpretations. No clear answers would be provided, and you will be confused about your next step of action. At this stage, you have to decide which problems can worry the workplace more, whom to interview and what are the documents to be reviewed. After this process, you would get a clear picture of what really happened.

The evidence recovery Toronto has a wide network of identifying, safeguarding assessing and obtaining the forms from floppies, storage discs, flash drives even mp3 and mp4 players. Their pliability and their power to extract information from such devices make them an expert in forensic methods. There would be crimes like child pornography, frauds, cyber bullying and even murders, but evidence recovery Toronto with their digital gadgets and qualified professionals will uncover the enemy and send him behind bars.


A qualified and an expert investigator  is impartial in finding the evidences. He does not take sides of the employees who are involved in the matter, and is efficient in testifying about the investigation process.


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