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Offices are meant to work and build your career. However, since the last decade, it has become a place for employee harassment, sexual threats, and cheating. Small, big and multi national corporals face these evil which leads to their loss of reputation. If frequent cases of employee harassment or bullying are recorded in the same company, their license gets canceled and the owner may have to suffer a strong jail sentence. But it's not entirely their fault. The technical advancements have led to the birth of cyber hackers and cyberbullies who exploit the employees at work place. This evil is attempted to take revenge or to harass the owner of the company. These masked criminals take away the crucial and secret information of the company and reveal it to the rivals. Such type of frauds and cheating cases are handled by the workplace investigation Canada with their expert technology and surveillance, find the culprit and save the company's reputation.
Evidence Recovery


The team of workplace investigation Canada has solved umpteen cases, where employees secretly harass the female workers and take undue advantage of their vulnerability. Individuals who have been unfair in their behavior, and have caused blemish on the company's name are exposed by the team.
Squad of workplace investigation Canada gathers the employees and asks the victim to give complete details. They also check the computer system and look for the corrupted files used by the bully. These investigations and forensic evidences, prove to be a great help in jurisdiction process. Their popularity has made many organizations vigilant about their PC security systems and the criminals are also scared to perform the crime.


Experts from workplace investigation Canada collect files, documents, personnel files and email messages to gimmick the culprit. Their Evidence Recovery is carried out by the inspection of the hidden and deleted files containing essential information. Some investigators gather the Evidence Recovery in the form of drugs, illicit photographs, confidential CD or stolen items. A forensic expert has to log in into the system computer and has to perform a step by step analysis of the required evidence.


Appraising the Evidence Recovery is the most difficult part of the analysis. There are cases when the witnesses contradict each other, and do not give any precise facts. You have to find those witnesses who are absolutely sure of what happened to the victim. It is just a matter of trust and alertness that an employee should have for his organization. There are several methods of determining the truth, for example- whose action was more menacing, who had grudges against you and whose story made more sense.


Corporals are always bearing the risk of cyber harassment. They have an email backup on a regular base to make Evidence Recovery an easier task. Apart from laptops, tablets, mobile phones and email servers, the proof can be found in clouds and home computers. The emails are stored in the storage device for their repetitive usage and the forensic expert has to be careful for his initial scoping. His main tasks involve:
  • Examining the IT resources of the company.
  • Required time frame for the investigation.
  • Potential aspects of information & dwelling time for the data.
For getting a perfect Evidence Recovery, the analyst team has to sit down and outline the suspects. In their eyes, all employees are culprits. These people show no partiality or mercy for the criminal and treat everyone equally until the investigation is over. A basic time line is framed upon the events and they focus on the type of information that they wish to discover.

Social media has the highest rate of cyberbullies. You never know who is whom behind those masked appearances. Cyber criminals tend to use the social plug ins like Facebook, twitter, linked-in and g mail to harass the victim. Forensic team has to acquire the permission from the site manager to open the website pages to explore the hidden traces. When the digital Evidence Recovery is made, it has to be preserved for future requirements.


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