Tuesday, 18 August 2015


How did this site upload my photo? How did my chat friend get my number? Where is my company data that I stored in my folder? Just how many times have you asked such questions or heard it from others. These incidents show a horrible fact that no-one is safe on-line. Either workplace, or at your home, you are constantly invigilated by a cyber hacker. So many cases are filed under the cyber terrorism aspect showing the sexual harassment of female employees. Teenage girls being harassed at social networking sites is a universal problem. These on-line predators are the ones who know your every detail- probably your closed ones. We are not putting blames but, just shading lights on the facts.

Computer Forensics Canada

With advanced technology comes advancement in criminality. Even so, the situation isn't that bad. We have the expert analysts of Computer Forensics Canada to conduct a strict investigation for venting out crimes and the responsible heads behind it. Their vivid evidences are presented before the jurisdiction and the predator is sent behind bars.
Since several years the experts of Computer Forensics Canada have solved complicated cyber cases of workplace investigations, frauds, on-line harassment and intellectual theft from the company. Most of the times, the criminal is an insider. Some cyber hackers are the company employees themselves and they do it to take revenge on their boss or other subordinates. Computers are operated by everyone. This gives full-freedom to the hacker, as he starts to invade company's privacy to commit fraud.
All is not well for the criminals as they leave one or more traces behind. The deleted files from the server are retrieved by the Computer Forensics Canada by using their digital equipment and customized system entrance. There are several federal labs that aid the city and country-police in solving criminal cases. The ancient cyber experts used the method of dead-box-analysis. Today, the concept of live-box-analysis is used by the Computer Forensics Canada. Essential evidence is withheld and developed from the random access unit of computer until it is shown to the jury.
If you have a Windows computer system in your company than it would be easy to safeguard a copy of physical memory for the Computer Forensics Canada as they would use the fdpro.exe to make a physical memory from windows XP machine. If, the crime is as serious as murder the workplace investigations, will access all the deleted files from the storage device. He will encrypt a password to log into the company system and take out all the files from the hard drive. The case related to fraud in finance needs the experts of workplace investigations to look for instant messages sent by the culprit. While handling workplace investigations for terrorism, the Computer Forensics Canada will protect the email address and phone numbers by which the culprit was making connections to his group. The usage of the live-box technique provides these salient benefits.
Thanks to the innovative software applications the process of workplace investigations has become easier. The investigators take the physical memory of snap shots by the volatility framework. It is important that your company develops such software for the dissection of physical memory images from windows.
The Computer Forensics Canada is not only focusing on the workplace investigations but also helps in identifying the on line sexual predators harassing children and girls. They save the kids from getting kidnapped or raped, by finding the location of the culprit. The FBI and the cyber investigators amalgamate to save the innocent from the hyenas. Some of these crimes include:
  • Murder
  • Terrorism
  • Intellectual theft of company's property
  • Corporate frauds
  • tax evasion
  • embezzlement
  • child pornography
  • sexual exploitation


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