Friday, 28 August 2015

Workplace Forensics- Experts In Search Of the Culprit

Workplace Investigation-WHY?
Modern workplaces bear expert minds. They are either involved in productivity, or vandalism of intellectual property. It happens due to personal grudge or for the sake of entertainment. Every employee working in small or multinational firm faces the problem of Workplace Investigation, that helps in finding problems and eliminating them to a certain extent. Office harassment issues has a long list. Some of them include:
  • Vandalism and Sabotage.
  • Intellectual theft.
  • Work rules violation.
  • Theft of intellectual property.
  • Threats to female employees.
  • Inappropriate video settings.
  • Misbehavior with subordinates.
  • The War Begins
The process of Workplace Investigation begins when the investigator is fully informed of the act. He ensures a complete confidentiality of the information and the employee’s details. If it becomes essential to reveal, he will make sure that the concerned person wont receive any harm from the culprit.
Salient Expectations
Workplace investigators should stay detached from emotional aspects. They should not be partial or attached with the case and must perform the process as a superior agent. A good sense of discretion is expected from them and any misconduct from the employee will make them send him behind bars. The case becomes more effective when higher authorities conduct the Workplace Investigation process. It falls under the regulations of Fair Credit Reporting Act. The statements acquired from the witness, culprit and the victim are recorded and documented to present before the jurisdiction. At times, a video of the Workplace Investigation process is made to enhance the proof.
Computer Forensics
Digital crime investigation is carried out by computer forensics experts. They have deft mind with readiness to catch the culprit. These professionals deal with issues of cyber hacking, bothersome emails and theft of intellectual property. Professionals go under a rigorous training of verifying and testing software, equipment, legal issues and unforeseen moments (for e.g. child pornography videos during job-hours). They have an encrypted data kit and their tools are in perfect order to begin an in-depth computer forensics investigation.
Please Cooperate
For a deeper computer forensics the security tactics are more advanced and have multiple layers of protection. In addition to anti-virus and malware, computer forensics have segmented networks with tough security levels for their information. Companies on the other hand, should render full support in finding the culprit. They should keep advanced devices with features of auditing that are activated before the incident occurs.


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