Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Computer Forensics: A Red Light For The Cyber Criminals

Cutting Cyber Frauds

Computer forensics is not a new name for the ones who are handling computers as their regular buddy. It is the foremost technique to catch the masked culprit who has been a pain in the neck for the vulnerable victims. There are clear and consise computer and legal proceedings regarding the search and the trained and experienced forensic analysts aid the FBI in investigating the crime. Whether on physical or digital mode there are diverse protocols for attaining and preserving the Evidence Recovery and making the documentation of that Evidence Recovery until it is shown before the jurisdiction. It does not have a language-bar and the experts translate them in to the required transcript.

Aiding The FBI

There is an International code for cyber crimes and cyber terrorism and the culprit is severally punished if found guilty. With the help of computer forensics, the police department has started using the state-of-art technology for developing a speedy Evidence Recovery exchange system. However, every modern technique has its pros and cons. The concept of computer forensics is also not that simple to handle and a minor flaw can ruin the whole process. Looking at the increasing cyber crime rates it said that the third world war wont be fought with pebbles and rocks but social medias and online abuse.

SEEK Thru The Software

The team of computer forensics has developed groundbreaking tools to catch the culprit within a spur of time. Let us have a look at them:
  • An investigative cyber tool-kit of Sans Sift runs on the base of Ubuntu live CD. Its numerous applications allows the investigator to conduct a deep incident and forensic based investigation. It also helps in analysing the file systems.
  • Have you heard about the FTK imager? It generates a preview of the data and the tool for imaging to help you to look at the findings in the system of windows explorer.
  • Latest addtion in the computer forensics is the Volatility software which is used to take out the digital Evidence Recovery from RAM. It gives the details of the current processes, open network sockets and other hosted information.
  • HxD is a software which is user friendly and has ample features. It us primarily used on main memory and raw-disk. This software aids in exporting the Evidence Recovery and splitting and spreading of file.
Evident Evidence Recovery

The computer forensics expert are also liable to testify in the court as they provide a vivid testimony in finding the culprit. As we pointed before, there are advanced softwares which target the activities of the criminal and catch him before he fleds. There are International codes and norms for the cyber terrorists and hackers which allows the foreign-country police to capture them and send them back. The process of Evidence recovery starts with logging into the system and requesting for the password.

Capturing the Culprit

The investigator goes through the entire system recovering all the deleted and hidden files. The important information and company secrets are retrived through the registries and hard drive. It is a common technique used by the forensic experts. A modified text-capture program will capture the acquired files and immidiately transfer it to another file to make an easy approach for search and readings. The keyword computer forensics program also allows the investigator to search for particular terms. The Evidence Recovery made through volatile data tools, search the hidden sections of the computer where there is a danger of losing the data after turning off the system.


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